Project Update..

Well, on a self made project right now..Got nothing much to do so just make something and see how it goes. Can’t be too bothered with whether it is feasible or not, have to just come up with something first ya?

Well I did a login and registration form already in PHP and I’m glad its working. Well, it has been a tough experience lately battling PHP errors..haha.. a missing { or } can give me plenty of problems! Sometimes its hard and you cannot figure out what went wrong.

For example, today the registration form had an error. The submit button won’t submit. After reading my PHP code for so long, I discovered its a fundamental HTML error. The html code for the submit button has one error. After I fixed that its good!

I’ve got to improve my PHP, especially in the part of form submission. I’m going to need to transform checkboxes values into Arrays and store them into MySQL. So up till then, its problems and more problems!

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