I’m glad to announce that I’m playing with my PHP these days and I came up with this project called “NextTutor”.

Note: I’m just playing with my PHP. Whether this will launch or not, or whether it would be successful or would it even be completed, I do not know.

Homepage Image

NextTutor is a place where parents and tuition coordinators can place ads on their students. They can put up details like Name, educational level, subjects needed, preferred timing, budget, tutor’s minimum qualification, lessons wanted each month, timing per lesson, as well as preferred tutors gender.

NextTutor is also a place where tutors can place ads about themselves, putting up their grades etc.

Basically its a place where people with tuition needs meet up online, hire and get hired!

Up till now I’m only doing up on the parent’s page. I’ve done up the following:

  1. Registration Page – You can get registered and have a login name and password
  2. Login – There is a login page where you can login. However I am having some problems with the cookie settings.
  3. Forget your password – A mail is sent to you with instructions on how to go about changing your password
  4. Edit your profile page – This is the latest addition to the NextTutor family, but I’m having some problems with the SQL part. The PHP refuses to load properly.

Well I do hope to learn more about PHP and MySQL when all of these ends. Hopefully it can become something worthwhile, but if it doesn’t I would be ok with that. =)

For those who want to follow me on my journey through scripting NextTutor, keep watching my blog!

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