Youtube and the Maury Show

The link is here:
Girl has sex 300 times

Due to this video, my curiosity was sparked, but I could not find the 2nd part of the video. Maybe the 2nd part is of a different story already?

Maury – Teenage Whores

Found a couple of videos, mostly of mums bringing their teenage girls to the Maury show and making them take the lie detector test. They failed. The girls denied it vehemently, and that has lead to me wondering if the lie detector test is that accurate after all.

If the lie detector is inaccurate, then the girl has been wrongfully shamed. The main part of this is that she has been shamed publicly. The US citizens who have watched this episode of the Maury show would think she’s a slut or a bitch, but if that isn’t true, then she would have to carry this shame for as long as people could remember this episode.

Would the Maury show have wronged them then? I feel that the lie detector thing is not 100 percent true, and we have to take that into consideration when passing judgement.

Apparantly, the sites which I have been to claimed an accuracy of only 60%. Some mentioned that the accuracy is so low, it is not accepted into a court of law.

This shows that some shows are so unethical huh. If it were shown in Singapore it would have ruined everyone’s life. Can you imagine being nailed for something you didn’t do? Wow. If it would be produced for Singapore citizens, the only person I want to be when in that show is Maury himself.

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