Hooked on Anime?

Well, been exposed to many different anime recently, of which the one that i’m hooked to and currently watching is Bleach. Episode 121 just came out last thursday. =) 122 is coming up in 3 more days! Haha.

Im also watching Tokimeki Memorial Only Love. Well I guess JH would be rolling his eyes and saying huh. (If not I expect him to mention this when he sees me on MSN.)

I don’t know why I started watching and I don’t know why I’m continuing. It may be because I want to finish what I watched, or maybe its just that I just like to watch this kind of anime also? Its kinda like why I watched Love Hina in the 1st place. (Thanks jh for the Love Hina anime)

However I note that watching too much of this kind of shows (as well as those idol dramas) give people a false sense of reality. In reality do you expect Japanese girls to be so cute and bubbly with energy and have such an attractive persona and aura? Nope. These animes as well as idol dramas may make people feel that why people around them are not like those in animes or idol dramas.

I want to take this chance to make it known that anime is only a cartoon, idol drama is only a drama. They exist to entertain. They do not reflect the reality 100% accurately. Even reality TV may not be accurate. (Ever heard of rigging?) We should take note of that and not expect your dream guy/girl to be the same as that in the anime or idol drama.

My 2 cents worth. So there!

2 thoughts on “Hooked on Anime?

  1. I can’t remember which episode of Bleach I gave up on. These fighting-style anime should really have much stronger story lines. I recommend “Monster”.

  2. Monster… too much to take towards the end. didnt finish it. haha.

    anyway… the whole point of watching IDOL drama or ANIME is not seeing something u can see perfectly in real life… it’ll be boring wouldn’t it? esp for anime, most of the time the things wont ever happen in a world we live in.

    after all, such shows are meant for entertainment, not benchmarking to the society we live in (though sometimes there are certain values/morals being put through, like in dramas)

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