Midori No Hibi

Well, after about 2 weeks, I finally finished Midori No Hibi. Actually, I finished 4 episodes today and 2 episodes yesterday. Thats around half of the series since its only a 13 episode anime.

I would say that the plot is not so strong since its only a 13 episode anime, there’s obviously alot of character development thats lacking. The ending’s quite abrupt too. They just meet and confess and they got together. No high impact. Haha. However it does fulfill its entertainment role.

Now that I have finished Midori No Hibi, its the 2nd anime that I actually finished watching, after Love Hina. It is also the shortest series if I’m not wrong. I have completed 11/25 of Tokimeki Memorial Only Love and 123 episodes of Bleach, which is still ongoing.

If anyone has any anime to introduce please do tell me, I guess sometimes travelling is a chore without watching anime already. =)

Also, today I watched 200 pounds beauty.. The story is not strong obviously. Its just a normal story of fat goes slim and losing her identity and regretting. However I just like the comedic part of it. I just like Korean movies. Watched many other Korean movies like My Boyfriend is type B.. And what is the one in which the girl and guy like to lie to each other? Hmm. I forgot the title already. Really enjoyed myself especially it has been a long time since I went out with my girlfriend. =)

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