Version 4?

I wonder if I should upgrade to a version 4 and change the design. Well, its going to be school time in about 3 months time, and I should get everything I have done and moving. Obviously I have to change to a version 4 before university. This site isn’t really good in terms of show casing my stuff. The outline is also kiddish and the content is not that inspiring. In fact, Jia Hao’s blog seems more neat and inspiring then mine.

Ah well, I would be upgrading soon when I have time. Make it more neat and easily accessible. Now the design pages and all are crappish and empty. I shall take some time to improve on that. I would probably add a resume page or something like that so I can add promote myself? After all this is my own blog and home and I’m not doing much to promote myself. Haha.

Most of my designs are always a one day planning plus execution which doesn’t take more than 4 hours. In the end the designs are not so good. Why? Planning a blog-site takes more than 4 hours. Most of the time I leave out the formatting of the blog content itself. Blog content needs to be formatted nicely else everything would be in a mess, would it not? 🙂

Stay tuned for Version 4 then!

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