Blog Version 4???

Sadly, my spirits has been rather down lately. Don’t feel the energy or the oomph to work on my version 4. Even designs have been scraped and changed to just make a version 4 that I would like. I’m just quite confused between what kind of design I would like. There are just so much and so many different designs that people can choose from. Or I can choose from. It just gives me so much headache.

Even my NextTutor is hanging in the balance. What am I doing with my life? I guess I would really have to sit down and plan this whole thing out first before continuing my design for version 4. Let me set a deadline. By the time I become 21? Meaning I will have to change it before my japan trip? Well I am sure it can be done. I just need to sit down and think about what I want to do ultimately.

Received my GST credits letter yesterday. 200 dollars of GST credits! Hmm..

Sometimes I wonder if I should go and do up my own blog like this. Turns out that there’s not much updates to do isn’t it?

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