Huan Zhu 3

Well I finally finished watching Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 le.. I watched it halfway whilst the Qing dynasty went to war with Burma and I had to bear arms to serve the nation at the same time. 2 years later, Channel 8 showed it again, but I went to find the other episodes and I finally completed it, 4 weeks ahead of Channel 8.

I must say I am really glad to finish the entire series especially having stopped watching for 2 years. And I quite like the ending. Its a nice ending to the entire 3 series. And it puts an end to everything. There won’t be any 4th season to watch anymore. Haha.

I have 2 more tv series to finish watching before I commence my lessons in school, and after that I doubt I will be watching anymore tv series already. The only possible thing is for me to watch anime whilst going to school on my Zen Vision. =)

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