Return of the Condor Heroes

I finished watching Shen Diao Xia Lv, or Return of the Condor Heroes, the 2nd part of the condor trilogy. I did not watch She Diao Ying Siong Zhuan or Yi Tian Tu Long Ji. Ha.

What probably made me watch ROCH is because MediaCorp did make 1 version before, and I forgot the story already. I enjoyed the last episode a lot, because it shows the good triumph over evil part and Yang Guo is like so damn powerful liao. A bit kua zhang also. Single handedly kill the Emperor of Mongolia! Kaoz. 1 person can fight the entire war liao. Haha.

From the start the story has already been imbalanced. China has so many martial arts heroes and Mongolia has so little. Sometimes it makes you wonder if Guo Jing had just used Xiang Long Shi Ba Zhang at the start of the war, perhaps all these won’t happen liao. Haha. The reason why I said this is because in the later end of ROCH, Huang Yao Shi told Yang Guo that his palm techniques is so good that in the whole world only Guo Jing’s 18-Dragon Subduing Palms can compare to his. So since he used his palm techniques to win the whole war, shouldn’t Guo Jing be able to do the same?

A good part is also that when the condor started flipping the enemy around with its wings. Guo Jing has 2 condors right? Then he should have deployed them. Haha. But then again his condor looks damn small.

Crunchyroll doesn’t have Legend of the Condor Heroes. Or rather, it doesn’t have the newest version. I didn’t watch the newest version when it showed before Shen Diao at the same time slot.

Well, this means that everything I want to watch has ended. Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3, Jin Zhi Yun Nie and finally Shen Diao Xia Lv. I won’t be watching any more drama serials already, now I have to concentrate on doing work!

I would be going to Jap soon..this sat night..cya

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