Daze and Laze..

Oh well, been a whole daze and laze week since I arrived back in Japan. Apart from finishing my work for the tuition agency, I haven’t accomplished much. Version 4 is still on the planning stages. I thought I planned the thing quite well but in the end it sucks because I can’t seem to draw on Photoshop properly. I can visualize, but it just doesn’t come up the way I want it to.

Its quite frustrating actually.

However I discovered something today. The main point about a blog is not about its design, but what you put in it. My friend Kian Hean puts up news about himself, mostly on his coding and his Apple Macbook, as well as latest news on Apple. Haha. Jia Hao puts up his rumble fish game in AMK hub, movie reviews, game reviews, vcd/dvd reviews and anime reviews which I really like.

What have i put up? Lame, uninteresting stuff about how I failed to complete my nexttutor blabla. Be gone, negative thoughts! I should start to change my blog and its content, and I should start making use of my time online doing stuff so I can blog about it.

Wanted to put an airport, plane theme for my blog but I can’t draw an airport for nuts. Haha. I will be putting up anime stuff ba..haha..or put up a pic of my zen vision m..take from creative website.. =)

Shall see how..till then..byebye

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