Books online..

I went online to try to find out if I could sell some of my novels for some money, since some novels are bought on impulse and I didn’t read it past chapter 1. The constant gardener is one of those. Thus I began by searching on ebay.

There were a few listings on ebay, however they are all situated outside Singapore, in places like the United Kingdom. It is sold for a price of S$2.50 now. There is still shipping to consider though.

In, they list new and old books at US$0.40 minimum. Which means you can buy the stupid book for S$0.80? However the shipping to international places costs $12 plus.

I tried finding sites for Singapore sellers. I managed to find one listed in, however they do not sell many books that I want.

Conclusion: It is cheaper to buy a book in MPH or Kino or it is at least comparable, when you compare a new book to another new book. Selling an old book doesn’t seem to be easy in Singapore, unless I go and try on ebay. However the rates are so low!

Perhaps one day when I am free I will start to put up the constant gardener for sale in ebay for 10 dollars and see if anyone is interested. =(

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