Of rude bus passengers and Mosquitoes

I was going to meet my girlfriend yesterday and I bought the New Paper to entertain myself on the ride from Lakeside to Tanjong Pagar. 2 pieces of news caught my eye.

Firstly, bus captain abuse. Yes Singaporeans, we have gone up another level. From child abuse to pet abuse and now bus captain abuse. Sooner or later we are going to have abuse on ourselves and we probably enjoy it. Some statistics featured on the Newpaper. 14 bus captains whacked last year. 18 bus captains whacked in the last 6 months. Now if you think that last year includes the past 6 months, then please join SBS and get whacked.

The statistics are alarming, assuming that they are not inflated to sensationalize things. We have scored more in terms of whacking in the past 6 months compared to last year. Assuming that whacking occurs at a constant rate per year, the stats will read, 36 whacked in this year compared to 14 last year. A whooping 22 bus captain increase!

Now I’m sure that bus captain doesn’t have a face that says beat me, and that there isn’t a JC of Singapore Bus etiquettes, if not we just need to whack 3 more bus captains to have a L1R5 too big to enter any JC in Singapore. It doesn’t help if you study higher mother tongue though. Or a good CCA grade.

The reasons to whack the bus drivers are also lame. Punching a bus driver because he confiscated your friends ezlink card. That’s lame. You can complain and make the bus driver sorry if he was wrong, but punching him for something like that? Hell, its not even your card.

Another story that can make it into the Oscar’s list is a passenger who wanted to continue smoking, so he asks the bus driver to wait. The bus driver told him politely that it will not be fair to the other passengers to wait for him to finish smoking, so this guy snubbed his cigarette, and boarded the bus and hit the bus captain. Who’s fault is it really?

Education? Well, I guess its time to bring out the fine city thing again. After all, if you are a law-abiding good citizen, will you be afraid of the fines? Absolutely not. I guess it is time to increase the penalty of causing hurt.

Let me introduce you to a character in an anime called Bleach. This guy is called Tousen. He has his own sense of justice, and he believes in doing things for the greater good and he doesn’t like other people compromising on his brand of justice. So now, I shall implement my version of justice which I shall call Tousen’s Law.

By Tousen’s Law, I will punish this unlawful citizen to 1 year of jail where he will get to smoke 10,000 cigarettes a day, of which 10 must be in his mouth at any one time. I believe he will not get to live past the 1 year. Hahaha. Quite sadistic huh? Yet if Singapore really becomes so sadistic, crime might just drop. Of course, there will be civil unrest, so thats not good.

The next set of Statistics is talking about mosquitoes. Yes its the dengue fever outbreak again and the polls shows that:

43% of the people do not know if they are living in hotspots.
38% do not know that Aedes mosquitoes prefer to bread indoors.
21% do not check key breeding areas such as vases, flower pot, plates, pails etc.
72% say that there is no need for heavier fines.

Well, I think that the situation is getting out of hand if we are breeding more mosquitoes. The worst thing is that the mosquitoes you breed do not bite you but bite others. I would say this is an act of voluntary causing grevious hurt to others. If your actions cause hurt to other people and not yourself, then I definately cannot forgive. Especially if your ignorance or your selfishness or your can’t be bothered attitude is acting up.

If only Little Dragon Girl can attract Aedes Mosquitoes, I will go and ask her to be my shifu and attack all those who breed these mosquitoes and endanger other’s lives.

So if your house has plenty of retained water, please clear them today and purchase insecticide from your nearest friendly [insert stall name here] now!

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