Drivers in Singapore..bad?

The Sunday Times featured an article about complaints on drivers in Singapore. The main complaints are that Singapore drivers do the following:

  1. Do Not Signal
  2. Road Hog
  3. Tailgate

I’m not too sure what the others are, but having just gotten my driving licence just a few days ago, and having been driving on other public roads other than those given by the driving centres, I have to admit that I do agree on the complaints.

I’m not sure what happened but everyone seems to be sick and tired or they cannot be bothered to signal once they become a qualified driver. Sometimes, an early and correct signal can save time for everyone and prevent accidents. For example, when I want to turn left into a major road, if the car on the right signals early its intention to turn into the minor road, then I would just get out without needing to wait to see if who has the right of way.

Road hogging in the article doesn’t mean being slow and hogging the road. However, it means to prevent other people from cutting into your lane by sticking close to the front vehicle. I have no idea if it is like this, since generally when I want to change lanes, I will wait patiently for the cars to pass by first before changing lane.

Tailgating. I have actually experienced this first hand. There’s this stupid lorry that always stick close to me even though I am a P-plate holder. If I ever do an emergency break that lorry would have gotten into an accident with me.

I have no idea why drivers on Singapore roads forget all the things that are taught in their driving centres. In their rush to get to places, they create chances for an accident. Singapore drivers should go and polish up on their driving so our roads can be a nicer place to drive on.

Even then, pedestrians in Singapore are a hideous lot. Some of them deliberately cross the road in front of a learner driver, knowing that leader drivers are not good enough and accidents may occur. Some walk on the center divider, except that the divider is occupied by a barrier and they walk on the road parallel to the divider. I was wondering, why not cross the damn road? Why must they play monkey tricks hoping to get into accidents?

Pedestrians, let me say something. Yes, the basic and final theory applies to motorist and the rules are largely about motorists. However, you pedestrians also have rules, just that you do not need to take them to walk on roads. The motorist will always be at fault when they knock a pedestrians, but sometimes its the pedestrian’s fault. If its not just for relaxed policemen, I’m sure we can generate revenue by fining all those jaywalkers who have disregard for the rules. Such revenue can be used to offset our GST increase.

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