Reading up..

Been reading up recently..Bought this book called Secrets of Internet Millionaires by Stuart Tan, who’s a partner of Adam Khoo.. Its pretty interesting and it does give me some insight. I haven’t really finish the book as yet, but it has brought me to think more of my website. Now I’m brainstorming to improve on the site as well as to find practical ways of earning my pocket money.

There’s this thing so far called Affiliate Marketing. Basically, you get an account from places like Clickbank or CommissionJunction, and you can sell other people’s stuff on your website or blog. allows people to sell books and many other things online and I noticed a friend of mine who has an account linked to his blog.

So basically, if you have a blog or website, you can sell the stuff. When someone buys them via your website, you get a commission since you referred the buyer to the seller. The best thing would be if your blog has a niche, like talking about bags or accessories, and that you frequently update the site.

If your blog has book reviews, you could just very well sell books online! I’m not really selling stuff on my blog because there are less readers and I do not want to spend money to advertise my blog. I do not frequently update too. Another point is that my readers are mainly Singaporeans and I believe they would rather go to the nearest MPH or Borders or Kinokuniya or Popular bookstore to get their books. Why do you need to pay so much for shipping? If I am not wrong, Amazon charges US$12.00 for international shipping and it will only come 4-8 weeks later. I can just go out and purchase a S$18.00 book myself can’t I?

However, I thought about selling other stuff on the other website I’m working on, so hopefully everything works well!

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