You know you are too wired onto the web when:

You email a complete stranger and she replies on your blog as a comment.

Well the above happened to me today. I emailed this person, Miss Loi of Miss Loi’s Temple to ask if she was using any specific software to draw diagrams and graphs on her math blog.

Today I received a comment. Wow.

I guess it is very easy to be googled in our very googly world today. Just search Ignorantsoup on any search engine and I should be number 1. (Because no dumb idiot will call himself ignorant).

Well lets hope Miss Loi will be nice to tell me so I can go and fulfill my aim of creating my own assessment. Hahaha.

A little advertisement for her. If there’s anyone of you who needs O level math tuition, and you live near Novena or you don’t mind going to Novena for tuition, you may like to try a weekly dose of Joss Sticks burning at the temple. Don’t understand? Check out her website and then you will know. 🙂

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