Well well. Today has been more fruitful.

I have gotten frustrated with MaxHub’s service. MaxHub is the service which provides me my domain name A few days ago I requested a new domain name, and I sent them an email to enquire how payment would be made. I knew from past experiences that the payment would be debited into their account by atm fund transfer. However, I forgot their bank account number.

It took me many days of not getting a decent reply, followed by countless emails asking of the same question before I got tired and found another domain name company. In fact, it is way cheaper. is a company that sells domain names registration as well as hosting plans. MaxHub’s domain registration costs S$16.00. costs US$8.95. After finding a coupon code on google, which gives 10% discount, it became US$8.05. After using an online currency convertor, it amounts to around S$12.00. A saving of 4 dollar per year!

So now I have moved my tutor site and I have updated the relevant SQL databases. I am also installing wordpress on the other site so I can have a blogging mechanism up and running. Very soon later I will be launching it. Hopefully I can make some affiliate dollars.

As for assessment book diagram drawing, I have gotten an answer to how the diagrams are drawn. Using MS Word. Therefore I conclude that I have to adjust my MS Word drawing skills.

To success and beyond!

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