Is getting more visits?

I was looking at Nuffnang’s website a few weeks ago. In case you do not know, Nuffnang is a company which deals with supplying advertisements to bloggers. To qualify, you must have 20 unique visits per day. By unique visits it means that 20 different people visit your blog everyday.

Last 2 months, I haven’t been doing that well. It was normally in the single digit to double digit range, but never exceeding 20. However when I checked my Web traffic analyzer program that is installed on the server, I am getting around 34 unique visits per day this month.

Thus I signed up for Nuffnang and I am happily putting their advertisements on the blog now. I guess I would get more money from Nuffnang then from Adsense. =)

However, I did a login to Nuffnang today, and their analysis is not that great. Today I have around 19 unique visits? Not the 34 that the program tells me. Previous days were ok..They were above 20.

Nuffnang has this “come from” function that tells you where your traffic comes from. Turns out that the last 5 referers were from Google and Yahoo. People who search things like 18 dragon subduing palms actually came to my blog. (I seriously cannot find my blog in the search..the person must have gone to the very last pages to find my site).

I haven’t been able to see if I would be getting paid since I have to wait for the ad campaigns to finish running.

Well, I guess Jiahao would be able to sign up for Nuffnang too since he definitely gets more than 20 unique visits. His blog is so specialized with so game reviews, movie reviews and anime reviews. It will definitely attract more traffic than me.. =)

3 thoughts on “Is getting more visits?

  1. Haha..Really? You never know actually..I anyhow blog also can get visits one..

    I’m now averaging 20 per day..only 20..quite lousy…

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