Irritating Cyclists?

Read this from the Straits Times forum:

Our own Transformers on the roads – cyclists
HAVING watched the movie Transformers, I realise we have our own version of Transformers right here on our Singapore roads.

They are the cyclists. I’m sure many of you reading this have seen them transform while on the move.

One moment, they are part of the traffic, paddling furiously alongside cars, buses and lorries on busy roads and, the next moment, they seamlessly become part of the crowd of pedestrians crossing at traffic junctions.

When they transform to pedestrians, they do not need to obey the traffic lights, of course, so they nonchalantly ride past red lights, sometimes at speed.

Many times, they transform so quickly from traffic to pedestrian and back to traffic again at road junctions that it makes them both a nuisance as well as a hazard to pedestrians who are often caught unaware by their sudden appearance.

Joseph Wong Yong Lye

What are your views? Do you feel the same way too?

Well I do. Certain cyclists are irritating me because they feel that they are of pedestrian status. Any accident is automatically deemed to be the driver’s fault?

The other day I saw some foreign workers on a bike. They were biking happily along the road in a single file on the third lane. Now that is a 70km/h road and the third lane is for emergency vehicles or vehicles that are overtaking. To overtake means you have to be faster than the car you are overtaking. Sometimes the speed of the car may exceed 70km/h. As you all may know, some expressways have a speed limit of 80km/h. Isn’t the 70km/h road equivalent to an expressway? You don’t cycle on an expressway do you?

Cyclists who wish to cycle on the road should follow road traffic rules. They should be courteous to fellow drivers who take extra precaution whenever we have to pass them. Cycling in the extreme right lane is not funny. It is considered a form or road hogging and it may cause accidents.

I feel that cyclists should take a combined stand. Do they want to cycle on the road or do they want to cycle on the pedestrian crossing? If we allow such versatility in choosing either road or pedestrian pavement, then we should allow motorcycles to do so too. In fact, maybe pedestrians can treat the road like their father’s road. One day perhaps, pedestrians will be walking in the third lane, and looking at you in the eyes when you give them a incredulous stare.

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