Xiaxue vs Steven Lim..

A little background information before I continue:

Xiaxue wrote an articleabout the top seven most disgusting bloggers in the Singapore blogosphere.

Steven Lim aka the guy who danced in his yellow panties underwear in Singapore Idol 1 and got promptly kicked out. Steven Lim, in the article, is the number 1 most disgusting bloggers in Singapore.

Soon, Steven Lim made a whole video of himself retailating at Xiaxue’s criticism of him. You can see the video here.

I must say it is pretty hilarious to watch Steven Lim cursing and swearing like that. He does seem to be very agitated. I must say, it is a pretty neat trick to use to generate more interest in him (which should be waning). The video is entertaining to me because I read Xiaxue and I know what is going on.

I must admit, I do agree with Xiaxue about her views of his “disgusting-ness”. And I felt that Steven’s rebuttal is really lousy and lacks substance.

For example, he kept on saying about Xiaxue’s nose job, and that if Xiaxue didn’t have a nose job, then she will be nothing. Xiaxue doesn’t need to say anything. I will say it for her. She has already been a famous blogger and has gotten celebrity blogger status before her nose job. So how can she be nothing without her nose? Readers read her blog for her entries, not her nose. Even if she did not undergo plastic surgery, I would still read her blog. Many others will too.

Steven Lim even told Wanbao to sue her when Xiaxue wrote a post that has this little footnote:

I quote:

p/s: Wanbao reported some shit article about me being fired from Stomp, obviously getting that piece of info from my blog AGAIN. I swear to god, that paper is so lousy, it has to siphon semi exciting news via blogs. Hey Wanbao, I just took a shit, you wanna report about that? The shit looks a bit, erm, brown, and normal. Guess I’m healthy! Interesting news, isn’t it?

Her anger is understandable. Her feelings towards Wanbao is also understandable. Being a quality newspaper, surely there are much other news than minor things like Xiaxue getting fired from Stomp? That isn’t really quality news. If Wanbao is publishing such articles, it seems to be moving towards the quality that of Taiwan’s tabloids.

Sue Xiaxue because she can sway her readers and plan impressions on them? Haha. I would say Steven’s childish. Firstly, all she has done is to vent her anger that Wanbao is publishing these kind of article. Her readers who read them have a mind of their own. We can decide if Wanbao is right or wrong. Even then, her readers are mostly young people? People of younger generation seems to be reading more of Straits Times than Wanbao. We have to have campaigns to make people learn chinese. We have to portray chinese as cool. Singaporeans are just getting more and more biased towards English. I doubt there will be many readers who are swayed to stop reading Wanbao just because of a little paragraph. =)

Sad to say I was quite amused at the whole video. Maybe Steven should go and think more about quality things to say. Xiaxue has never denied her nose job nor denied that she photoshops her photos. She is not fake in that instance since she is very public with it. I would say that the moron in the end still does seem to be Steven. Dancing in a yellow panties underwear doesn’t seem to raise credibility isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Xiaxue vs Steven Lim..

  1. don’t read wanbao, read xin ming.

    He’s prolly jealous of her celebrity status. Usually only such ppl get trivial matters reported isn’t it.

  2. Haha..of course..the publicity generated is helping him too..once again he gets pushed to the lime light..wan bao seems to be getting worst..haha..

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