The 7 bloggers I read..

Well, Xiaxue came up with the 7 most disgusting bloggers in the singapore blogosphere, and someone else wrote the 7 bloggers I admire most. So I will write the 7 bloggers I read…

1. Xiaxue

Is it so surprising? Xiaxue is the first blogger that I actually read and kept on reading. I have no idea why I kept reading her blog. Even though friends of mine said she’s like a bimbo and only writes about complaints in her day..but i must say she is successful..and that she is not as bimbo as she looks, because she does have a certain level of intellect. Her posts are meaningful too. Whenever she posts something controversial and gets attacked by people on her comments board, she can always show her stand. She’s pretty convincing too. I guess she’s entertaining!

2. Kenny Sia

Well I read his blog not because he has the same 3 letters in my name. Its the same reason I read Xiaxue..He’s a good entertaining blogger who lives in Kuching (East Malaysia). His blog has humor and I like to read those parts where he runs a marathon to challenge himself and even climb a mountain. His life is pretty interesting and he is also a successful blogger.

3. Beconfused

Well I read this for its interesting stuff he has on the blog. I particularly like the An Advertisement on Tuesday thing that he has. There are plenty of entertaining and interesting youtube videos on his blog.

4. Jia Hao

Jia Hao is my NJ classmate. He just got his blog a few months ago and it has a lot of articles on movie reviews, anime reviews and jap drama reviews. Its an interesting site if you are trying to find out what thing to watch lately. Bookmark him!

5. Kian Hean

He’s the guy who influenced my to buy my own domain name and host. He’s an NS buddy and I just read his blog whenever I can. Most of the time I just learn about new stuff, particularly about the Apple brand, and Ruby on Rails.

6. NextTutor

Hey I maintain a blog over I read it after I write. Lol.

7. Internet Marketing Singapore Blog

This blog is by Stuart, a partner of Adam Khoo. His blog has alot of internet marketing news and its pretty insightful. Read it to learn more about internet marketing!

There you go. 7 blogs I read. =P If you have nothing to do, you may do this in your blog too. =)

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