Old recollections

Well, a few weeks ago I had this argument via email with my boss at my tuition agency. The reason why I got pissed off with him is that he came telling me that he paid me late because he didn’t have time to check my work to pay me with my incentives. He said, “No one else does an incentive payment every 2weeks”. The reason why I got pissed off is because he is the one who told me to sent him my claims form every 2 weeks for him to pay me. I did not even bug him for payment at all. He has already been taking his time and I never made any single noise. I got pissed off when he actually came talking to me like this when its not my fault.

Thus I emailed him back a long and angry email, listing all the things I was unhappy with. He was not happy with me resigning from my tutor role for this particular student because I was going to university. He had the cheek to come and say that “If you had the character and ability to continue teaching, I will let her be under you”.

What does that mean to me? To understand, perhaps we have to go and dig out old telephone memories. Just to summarize, what he sort of was hinting to me (well this is what i think he was hinting to me about) was that he wanted to let me take over the tuition myself. Meaning I will go down to her house to teach, and I will get paid about $25 an hour. (My fees for tuition is only a measly $7.40 per hour. If I add in my transport fees, its $8.00 per hour) He mentioned something about going down and to her house or the coffee shop. Its pretty obvious to me that he is just pushing the student to me so that the student will not spoil his agency’s reputation.

I understand that he has had problems coordinating for the student and me. However before I decided to resign I felt that he is not paying much attention to my student. Normally I take my student on the wednesday slot and he takes her for the Sunday slot. I noticed that he stopped giving her homework, only asking her to do revision. Its a real waste of time for the student. There is no program for her at all. By program, I mean a lesson plan where for a specific lesson we will go through something and revise with her. Nope. No program.

Thus I questioned him about him promising an A to the student’s family. If you promised something, you got to carry it out isn’t it? Neglecting the student and just hoping she will at least pass doesn’t seem very good to me.

He told me that he has never promised her mum anything, and even told me to go ask the mum if I wanted to.

Now my readers, you probably think that he’s right. Except its not. When I first took the student, my boss called me and asked if I am able to confidently bring her up to an A grade by PSLE. The reason being that he has promised an A for the student. Now, he has always been telling my friend and I (my friend works there too) that he tells the family that they can get an A. Thus I worked with a mindset that an A is already promised. Thus I questioned him. However his reply just made me realize that he had lied.

I emailed him a lot of things, and I even offered suggestions to improve his agency. These suggestions are solid suggestions. They are just my feelings as a staff. I just felt that a boss should lead us and set a direction that is clear. He should not be fickle minded. When he asked my friend and I to work for him, we were promised up to $50 an hour for group tuition, and even $10 an hour for normal tuition. My friend, who still is working for him, is still getting $7.40 an hour. That isn’t really fair right? So i thought he should have clear policies about this. If not staff will always think they are cheated.

Anyway thats not the main point that prompted me to write this. I saw an advertisement today and i strongly believe that my ex-boss put it up as the agency name is there. Its featured in CATS Classified Ads for today 20th July 2007 on page C26 Column 2.

G’TEED RESULTS! A’s from F9. Result slips avail. Specialist teachers for Maths, A/cs, Science.

Well, isn’t that G’TEED meaning guaranteed? A’s from F9? Wow. It actually depends. Yes some has gotten it doesn’t mean results are the same for every student. Specialist teachers? Wow. He’s a specialist in Accountancy though. That I must agree. He has plenty of experience in tutoring accountancy too. However, the other 2 people who are working for him are around my age, either going to university or are in university. Where’s the specialist teachers?

So readers, this is to warn you that agencies are not all nice and proper. This is marketing and they just want you to bite. There is no such thing as a guarantee A. It has to depend on the student. If the student does not care and does not do the work, will he get an A? No. These things can’t be guaranteed. If he can, then he should open a school. He will be number 1, above Raffle Institution and all the other top schools!

A word of caution: Do beware, and do check the tutor’s particulars and grades if you want to have a peace of mind. You are paying for something, so you have the right to get what you want as it is advertised. Please let everyone around you know that it is very important to check and double check. Don’t be fooled!

6 thoughts on “Old recollections

  1. Wah so scandalous!

    There are black sheeps in every profession. Sadly however, crappy Singaporean bosses are more the norm rather than the exception.

    Just make sure you don’t become one yourself in the future 🙂

  2. Yeah I agree..there are black sheeps in every profession. I’ll definitely make sure I don’t become someone like that, if not I’ll become a hypocrite isn’t it?haha

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