Paprika – The anime in The PictureHouse

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I went to watch Paprika today. Its shown exclusively only at The Cathay (beside Plaza Singapura, Dhoby Gaut) in The Picturehouse. What this means is that there is only 1 theater in the whole of Singapore showing this anime movie. There are about 6 slots daily.

The movie is in Japanese (duh!) and has English subtitles. Basically the movie is about dreams and a group of scientists have invented an object, the DC MINI, that allows you to enter people’s dreams and help them. At the start of the movie, Paprika helps a cop deal with his problems in his dreams.

The DC MINI is stolen and all hell breaks loose as dreams are merged. Who is the one who stole the DC MINI and creating all the chaos?

This movie is rated NC-16 due to the naked anime character scenes. No its not hentai. The scenes are very short and there is nothing much to see so perverts can save their money and don’t watch this movie. =)

This anime is not bad, but sometimes you get confused between dreams and reality. I think you are supposed to be confused because it is trying to show that the characters in the anime are confused too.

I rate this anime 3/5 stars. It is pretty interesting, just like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. One jumps through dreams and reality the other jumps through time. =)

Hope everyone who watches this anime will enjoy it throughly as I do.

2 thoughts on “Paprika – The anime in The PictureHouse

  1. haha yeah well when i watched it back then i was kinda confused too… lol~

    once again i must say that sg is slow slow slow 😦

  2. u watched it back then? when was it. lol..yeah sg is slow slow slow..cathay has this who slept with me korean movie..i watched it on crunchyroll already. Lol.

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