Earning money with adsense? Tweak adsense!

I’m sure everyone knows about adsense, which is the name for the Google Ad that is placed on many sites and blogs. The best thing about adsense is, supposedly, the ads are customized so that they are related to the things happening in your website. So if your website is about dogs, the ads appearing in your blogs will have something to do with dogs.

However we all know that this isn’t really happening for blogs. We always get generic ads like “Bloggers in Singapore” or “We need you to write” ads in our blogs, although our blogs may not be about bloggers in singapore or about writing. Our blogs may be about care for iguanas, but the ads have nothing to do with iguanas or caring for anything in that matter. Is it that surprising then, that adsense doesn’t seem to help you earn anything?

What we’ve got to have is ads that are targeted to our entries. However it doesn’t seem to be the case. Well, I’ve done some research and I’ve seen a video about this method and I hope that this is going to improve our situation here.

This code will let you designate a portion of your blog and mark it so that Adsense can publish ads relating to that passage you have. So if I have an entry on dogs, I can add this code to the top and bottom of the entire posts, so my adsense ads will feature dogs. However, on another post I have something mundane and I do not want ads about that post, then I do not need to add this code.

This code is actually a comment code:
Please add the comments tag at the start and the back.

So please add the dashes and all.

This is for the top part. The code for the bottom or end is:

To ignore a passage, you change the top part to:

I hope this helps. Since I’ve started using this, the ads does seem to have changed. =)

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