I aim to recycle my paper!

I did a little spring cleaning in my room today. It wasn’t really a spring cleaning since I only cleared out all the stuff that I won’t be using already. There are things like bills and old worksheets. I took out an old General Paper notebook and I realized that I only used half of the book. I took out all the things that I have typed out and printed and I realized that I only printed on one side of the paper.

After clearing my shelve from all these extra bits of things that won’t be required anymore, I dumped those that can’t be used anymore and I kept those papers which I can use for rough paper. Even those that have 1.5pages printed can still be used as rough paper.

I know that I should recycle all kinds of paper, even those that are printed on both sides, but I’m just taking a step at a time. I now promise to use both sides of the paper and all my notebooks fully before discarding them. This is my way of doing my part for the earth. I’m not doing this for global warming though. The “proof” of global warming still doesn’t convince me when I see scientists that feel that the warming we have is cyclical and occurs every hundreds of years. Maybe in time we will discover there’s no warming at all. The earth is just warming. Human’s arn’t really affecting the warming as much as we thought we are.

My pledge is a pledge of no wastage. It is a pledge not to waste paper. I will do my part to use up all my paper before discarding them. Do you think you can do that? Why not take an hour to clear a shelf? See how much rough paper you can gather to use for maths and normal scribbling. Take my version of my pledge now!

You may add this icon here to show your pledge not to waste paper!


<a href=”http://www.ignorantsoup.com/?p=62″><img src=”http://www.ignorantsoup.com/skinimage/promise.png” /></a>

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