I’ve signed up with Advertlets.com!

If you have seen the ad’s section on the right sidebar, you will discover that there are 3 advertisements! One is from Nuffnang (which I have gotten for very long), the other’s from google (which I have placed for very long) and the latest is from Advertlets.com! They are currently having this wonderful promotion for bloggers in Singapore right now! You can do a review of Advertlets on your own blog and get at least SGD$25.00! What a wonderful amount of money.

Well the reason why I joined advertlets is not all because of the SGD25, though that did tempt me a little. The actual reason is because I need to fund my domain name and space on my own and I am a poor student. Therefore I need ads to generate some bit of revenue to sustain my online presence. Nuffnang hasn’t been doing its job well enough. It has been logging my traffic data for weeks and my average daily unique visits is at 26. Its 6 more than the minimum required for Nuffnang, yet they have not started to place ads on my site. Without campaigns, all I am doing is basically providing free advertising to Nuffnang! The site doesn’t tell me when I would get my first campaign too. I’m a little lost with regards to Nuffnang.

As for google adsense, I have put up adsense for months and all I have is US$9.00. I need another US$91 before I can get a cheque of US$100 from them. It has been a long wait and I definitely need some money to finance my hosting! Ad sense doesn’t seem to be doing a good job in offering targeted ads that corresponds to my postings.

In fact, the best thing about advertlets is that, you do not have a minimum number of visitors required per day! As compared to Nuffnang’s 20 per day. In fact, you can learn more about why Advertlets is good!

Advertlets also allows target advertising just like Nuffnang! I have a better feeling about Advertlets than Nuffnang though. Advertlet’s website looks more professional than Nuffnangs!

Well my main aim is to earn some cash to help pay for my web host, so lets hope that I will have good news to share with everyone soon about cashing out from Advertlets! I believe that will be the best motivation for everyone else to join huh?

3 thoughts on “I’ve signed up with Advertlets.com!

  1. you should check the user agreement carefully. Some ad providers don’t allow you to show their ads together with ads from other providers. I have read of cases of people’s ads money forfeited because of this.

  2. There’s a way to get Google send check to you (even if you amount if lower than $100), close down the account and they send the check to you no matter how much amount you have in it. Yet, it’s still bad idea. Patient is the best way…

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