An apology to the ex-boss..

Before I begin, lets point our attention to this article (note: the article has been taken down) I have written. I also need to say that that article represents my feelings and thoughts and it must not be taken absolutely to be true. Blogs are a place to type in your frustrations isn’t it? Therefore, I know my readers have the sense to realize that the article represents my one-sided point of view.

My ex-boss just spoke to my friend, asking my friend to ask me out and have a nice chat over this entire saga. Sad to say, he has been viewing my blog and took offense to the article above. All I want to say now is that I am extremely sick and tired of this issue and I do not want to pursue it further. Thus I hereby apologize to my ex-boss:

I am sorry that my blog post has upset you. I do hope that you do realize that the blog post represents my feelings, and though it may seem wrong to you, it seems very true to me. It may just be a misunderstanding and a deep one at that. Since we have never clarified the issue, there exists a chance that I will not understand you isn’t it?

However, I do not want to pursue this issue anymore. I feel that it is perhaps a bit pointless to have legal representation over a blog post that not many people read. Yes I do agree that my article was based on many assumptions. However, if we were to go deeper into it, you may find that I am not wrong to have those assumptions. The reason why I have so much assumptions is because I always get short emails that don’t seem to explain anything. It is reasonable, of course, to suggest that a passage written in a summarized manner would not be clear to all parties. It is therefore natural to have certain assumptions.

My point that I want to say in the article mentioned above is that I felt that I had been lied to. If I were given false impressions, is it my fault that I felt this way? If someone leads me to have this false impression, is it then his fault or mine? I do not know. I just felt that it was misleading. Is it not? Lets not point fingers at each other anymore.

I admit that I am wrong in putting up details of the classified ad that I saw, and I have deleted parts of it so that it is not too obvious anymore. My point in putting up the classified ad is that I am trying to show that it can be misleading and it is misleading. No matter how you justify it, it is misleading. Perhaps there isn’t anything wrong to my ex-boss, but I felt it was misleading. This is my sole feelings. I am not saying that my ex-boss is wrong, but I felt that it was misleading. People around me feel that way too. Is it wrong to feel that way?

Boss, the reason why I do not want to come out to talk is because I thought that there would be no point. I have no doubt that this is probably a huge misunderstanding because of a lack of communication. I have no doubt that I will emerge confused and persuaded at the end of the discussion just to return home feeling otherwise. I also feel that this matter is over and there is nothing worth to discuss anymore. Lets just not point fingers at anyone. I may not be wrong, and you may not be wrong too.

I am sorry for causing you undue stress and worry. I have to say though, that I feel my blog post has been taken out of context. However if you wish it, you may tell me which parts you feel are wrong and I will edit it personally and give you another full apology on my blog. I hope this matter has been satisfactory resolved.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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