Stomp: Getting lame?

Well, stomp has been around for quite a long period of time already. Sometimes I go down to stomp for a great laugh. Why? Because sometimes this citizen journalism thing is being abused. Any kind of things can be posted. Sometimes even stupid things that has no big deal to post about.

3 in 1 strawberry

Now posts of this sort are still ok. They are interesting and lets us see new stuff. Things like this however, makes me wonder what stomp is all about.

Have we degraded to the point where all we do is to pick on people’s dressing? If you were to look closely, that dressing in there is quite all right isn’t it? She did not dress in those old home clothes where there is a Pikachu in the front, so what’s wrong with it? Are we simply too bored that anything we can photograph with our camera phones will be sent to stomp? What will happen to us now?

What if we decided to rub our noses in public? Someones takes the picture and says its disgusting. What if we decide to scratch our back and we thought no one is looking? Then we discover our picture’s been stomped.

I’m not against citizen journalism, but I feel that having citizen journalism just for the feel of it is plain stupid. Citizen journalism with a certain standard will benefit the community. However our version of citizen journalism results in us taking photos of people to shame them. Why have we become like this?

Citizen journalism should be exercised with greater responsibility. If not, all we are creating is a bunch of jokes archive.

8 thoughts on “Stomp: Getting lame?

  1. I still prefer rudesingaporeans blogspot as the place to see pictures of rude people in singapore. If I am not wrong they started citizen journalism way before stomp.

  2. It’s a ploy la. Put up such rubbish, call it citizen journalism, then they can say “see? there’s always a place for professional journalism.” justifies their existence.

  3. I must agree they’re posting anything under the sun. That’s why I don’t read them as often as I used to.

    Seriously, it’s LAME. It’s Singapore’s papers and people overseas read it. This will give outsiders a bad impression.

    Hopefully STOMP don’t come over to get my details to sue me. I was only stating a fact.

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