Smooching is bad because they are old?

Look here first

From the last blog entry I wrote about stomp, there have been new updates that are totally lame and I would say, totally irresponsible.

“My girlfriend and I saw that and we were disgusted by their behaviour. We thought it was so gross and shameless, as they are already so old.”

I didn’t know we have such an apparent age-biasness in Singapore today? What has education done to you? Why do you point your fingers at other people when you yourself will probably smooch a little outside with your girlfriend? For goodness sake, that guy’s 22 years old and still acts like this.

If you are doing the same thing as what you are accusing other people to do, then you have no right to feel any disgust for them, whether they are old or not. Our generation now is more open-minded and we have PDA (public displays of affection) everywhere we go. When we grow older we will still be as open-minded. Tell me, in 40 years time when the culture has changed, should you be disgusted at yourself when you are 62 years old kissing your wife and telling her you love her?

Bloody bullshit.

3 thoughts on “Smooching is bad because they are old?

  1. Huh? Cannot kiss? What kind of joke is that? Does age matter? I once saw this woman, maybe in her 40s with her hand rubbing her man’s crotch. She didn’t even feel embarrassed at all when she caught my eye.

    So which one is more disgusting? Kissing continuously or rubbing the crotch in public places?

  2. Haha. I feel that we are not so open minded to accept crotch rubbing in public..Thus I do not mind if they take pictures of crotch rubbing and send it to stomp. However, we should live and let live sometimes and not use or abuse Stomp as a place for shaming fellow Singaporeans. Why are we judging people when we do not want to be judged ourselves?

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