Good Fried Prawn Mee (Hokkien Mee)

Well the other day I went to Suntec City (at City Hall) for dinner and I went to try out the food at the Food Republic food court. Food republic is a “higher class” themed food court. The food court at Suntec City has an old western design theme.

I went to try the Fried Hokkien Mee stall, which promises fresh prawns. Most food court stalls that sell hokkien mee has lousy prawns that seem to turn to powder everytime we bite into it. This means that the prawns are unfresh and probably a few days old. Fresh prawns have this crunchy bite into it. Smaller prawns have lesser bite feel I think. Fresh prawns also have the ‘fresh’ taste which unfresh prawns do not have.

I paid 5 dollars for the prawn mee and it is the cheapest available already. (See what I mean by high class food court?) The serving is big and the plate is about 30cm in diameter? Its served with 4 prawns and a small bowl of prawn soup.

Now the prawn soup is a bit diluted. You can’t really taste much prawns in it, but it has those herbs like the gou ju zi, which is supposed to be good for the eyes. The 4 prawns (which other food court gives 4 prawns? They normally give 2 and they are stale) are fresh and crunchy. The fresh taste is not as strong as those prawns from hotel restaurants but I’m not complaining. Most of the shell is peeled off, making it easy for you to peel off the remaining shells. You know its fresh when the shells peel off easily and the prawns are still in their nice shape. Stale prawns normally break easily and don’t taste solid.

Thus I recommend people out there to try this Hokkien Mee when you can. It may not be the best hokkien mee in singapore, but it is good enough for me in an airconditioned food court in City Hall.

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