Another moron with a camera phone

This is another story of a stupid idiot using Singapore’s very own lame portal, Stomp. I myself have seen many such postings and they have all gotten flamed at by Stomp users, yet people still continue doing such nonsensical stuff.

Article link:“Law breaker” apprehending Law breaker?

Basically, this Stomp post is about a man who shot an image of a traffic warden’s scooter on a double yellow line. He says that the traffic warden is breaking the rules by parking on a double yellow line. He feels that the traffic warden should not break the rules when he is giving summons to another person (as can be seen in the photo).

Are there anything else stupider than this other than the Optimus prime photo?

I doubt it. Its is plain amusing for people to feel that traffic wardens should find a proper place to park before issuing summons. Who the hell in his right mind will wait for the warden to come back? Perhaps this person should suggest to the traffic police to allow the warden to just record the license plate number and give the driver a huge shock when he receives a fine. The warden would not need to confront the driver then? Haha.

Well, the most amusing comment I have seen is to say sarcastically that the warden should carry his scooter on his back / shoulder before proceeding to book the guy for whatever traffic offense he made.

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