Rush Hour 3

Its already the third instalment of the series and its just like Ocean’s series where you do not have to watch the first few episodes to really understand what is going on. This movie is quite entertaining actually, although most of the fun parts are shown in the trailers. Some background information on Rush Hour 3 and some urls:

Screen Time: 90 minutes
Official Rush Hour Website
Rotten Tomatoes Trailer

The movie is too short in my own opinion. I don’t really expect a movie to only last 1 hour and 30 minutes. Most of the time I would feel that a movie should at least last 2 hours for greater enjoyment. Haha. However I must say it is really funny and entertaining despite its short time frame. The story ends with a nice surprise and I must say I quite like the taxi driver that appears in the show.

In my opinion, Chris Tucker who acts as Jackie’s good friend is a very funny man with many facial expressions. I like the scene best when he was outside the room where Jackie Chan was fighting and he thought Jackie was having sex. His expression was great and funny. I think that he is quite a great actor for such comedy movies.

This movie is rated 3.5 stars by me and I really think that it is worth going to the movies to see this. However if you don’t enjoy comedy then please do not watch it. Haha. Perhaps you will feel its more worth it if you go and see the movie when you are only paying $7.00 per ticket?

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