Sleeping on the bus – Another stomp article

Well this time someone has been criticized for the way he sleeps on the bus! View story here!

This time we have someone who is sleeping on the bus. However, the way he sleeps is such that his head is on the handle bar right in front, which seems to have infuriated a stomper who snapped his photo and sent it to stomp. The reason is that this is an inconsiderate act which has resulted in a situation where the front seat would probably be empty as no one would dare to sit down with his head on the handle bar.

I’m wondering what is happening. I really doubt that person really wants to sleep in that way. In the photo, he looks extremely uncomfortable in his sleeping posture. He must have been seriously tired to be sleeping that way and not knowing. The usual people sleep with their heads on the handrails on the back. Not the front.

I guess we have come to a point where everything is SNAP and send to stomp. Stomp has created a culture of Singaporeans who just love to take photos and flame people. We have not stopped to think if there may be another side to the story and we have lost our sense of sympathy towards other people. Perhaps it is because of the prizes that may be won when you send an article to stomp? I have no idea.

Let’s just pray that we will all give up on stomp, which will never happen.

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