Fare hike..

Well ladies and gentlemen, there has been talk lately on fare hikes on buses again. As we all know, our buses haven’t been providing excellent service lately. Sometimes when I take the bus on a long distance journey,the bus crawls like a snail and I think a learner driver can drive faster than the bus driver. Sometimes the bus stalls (isn’t that what a learner driver should do) and sometimes there are no air conditioned buses when the weather is extremely hot.

I’m here to bring a thought into your minds. Is it ok that a company raises its price, claiming raising fuel costs but still actively profiteering? I am not going to say the bus companies are doing this since I do not really know the situation. I am merely trying to say that if a company which specializes in public transport is making a healthy profit,can it still use fuel costs as a reason to increase its prices?

Profits I guess means that you have some money after you have paid your employees and paid off all fuel costs and maintenances costs. Unless you are just making a balance where you have no money to pay for rising fuel costs, then can you rightly say that you have to increase the fare to pay off rising fuel costs?

Again I am not pointing fingers at the companies,but i am merely suggesting a scenario here,and letting people think of this issue.

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