Notes printing Tips for students..

I’m compiling a list of tips for notes printing for students so if anyone has more tips kindly leave a comment and I will add them here. =)

1. Greyscale for Powerpoint
When you have notes that are in a dark background and white text, what do you do? Do you edit all the colours? Please do not do that. When you press control P, you can select greyscale. This makes the background white and the text black. (Unless the words r in a textbox with another colour as background. In this instance, the background becomes grey and the words are still white). However, pictures are still in full colour,so if you want to print in true greyscale, you need to go to printer settings and select grey scale.

2. Save paper for powerpoint
Print powerpoint slides in handout mode and make it 6 slides per page. The next selection is 9 slides per page and its so small you can’t see shit. Thus 6 slides per page is the maximum, else you might as well not print anything.

3. Normal mode for powerpoint
Do not use draft mode for printing handouts. The diagrams will be faintly visible. There is no point in saving that amount of ink because the quality is not so good.

4. Multiple pages for PDF
For older versions of adobe acrobat, you can’t do this. However for other versions, when you press control P, you have an option about page scaling. Select multiple pages per page. I do not know how many pages you want,but if the font size for 1 page is super huge, like 21px, then you can print about 4 pages per page. This saves paper and ink and it will still be visible. For smaller font sizes, just print 2 pages per page.

These are all the tips that I learnt while printing my notes for NUS. I must say though, some lecturers are really funny. They give you lecture notes in jpg format. I can’t even save paper when I want to. Anyone knows how to print 2 pages per page for JPG? Haha. Please do enlighten me.

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