Google is your best friend..

I was just wondering that there are many guys who are out there on the internet asking plenty of questions which are really elementary. They sit down at their computers and wait for people to spoon feed them. Maybe its as a result of the Singapore education system that makes us all want to receive information and not work for them.

Even the lecturers at NUS tell us not to email them but to google first. I guess google has became everyone’s best friend on the internet.You can google about anything in the world. There are plenty of niche sites around these days that provide plenty of information. Just a few minutes ago I saw someone asking how does he put links on his website. I guess that can be googled. When I learnt CSS, I googled to find the correct text to use and I learn from there. However, people are now sitting and waiting to be spoonfed.

The best thing is that these people are internet-marketeers-wannabes. They want to set up a site and get rich but they often get too excited and jump into the whole thing without learning more. Some bought their domain names and webhost only to stop and ask what should they do now and how do they set up wordpress. Well, I just feel that they should take sometime to think and learn more about many things before actually putting down money without knowing how to do stuff. I guess I can forgive people who ask about wordpress because its really darn hard to comprehend sometimes. Even if you have php programming background, you may be lost and unsure. However questions like should I set up wordpress should not be asked to strangers, but to the person setting up the website himself.

My advice to everyone is to research whatever you want to do first before doing it, and try googling for answers first before seeking help.In this way,you can get the answers much faster. Haha.

3 thoughts on “Google is your best friend..

  1. words cannot describe how i totally agree with you.. sometimes this people get on my nerves when they ask me elementary questions that can be lyk.. so easily found just by using google. The worse kind though, usually starts scenarios lyk this:

    *Him/her starts to ask about something realllll elementary.
    Me: Just use google to search.
    Him/her: Search? type what?
    *Me proceeds to type out whatever it is he/she was supposed to be searching for.
    Him: oooooooo.


    This type seriously takes the cake. I take my hats off them. seriously.

  2. Yes I completely agree..sometimes I make the same mistake too but my friends will just say google it and I can google it myself..although I have had great friends who tell me to google and then actually helping me google it..but sometimes we should all just do ourselves a favour by googling it ourselves.

  3. I suppose with search engine like google I am still having problems finding the information that I need.

    Maybe it’s the words that I used which generate too many search results. Sometimes I do find the ‘help’ page to read how to improve my google results.

    There’s another new search engine coming soon by SPH. Can’t remember what’s it called though.

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