How many of you members are getting $$ on your site?

I’ve added the’s code on my blog for about 1 – 2 months already. All these while Nuffnang is gathering data about my unique visits. We are supposedly to be monitored for 2 weeks to ensure that we have a daily readership of 20 unique visitors at least before they will start serving ads.

I’ve been checking religiously on my unique visits using Nuffnang’s analytics. On some days I do have a low readership,but on average it has been more than 20, with some periods of about 40 unique visitors on average. To date, I have always been serving ads that promote Nuffnang, but never have I got any form of money from Nuffnang. Advertlets, which I have joined a few weeks after Nuffnang, has clocked myself around one Singapore dollar. Pitiful I agree, but every dollar is one dollar more than Nuffnang.

I do not know what Nuffnang is doing. Is it measuring the amount of clicks its ads get on average before allowing us to serve ads? Come on. Every blog now has a Nuffnang ad. Whats the possiblility that a user clicks on repeated Nuffnang ads? About 0 percent. People who click once will not click it again. It doesn’t even allow the blog owner to get 1 Singapore cent!

So people, have you signed up for Nuffnang recently? Are you getting paid yet? If you are a Nuffnang member and you have just gotten your paycheck, could you leave a comment telling me that you got a paycheck and how many unique visitors you have gotten on average for the whole duration you are with Nuffnang? I believe these information will help many of us decide whether to keep the Nuffnang ads. After all, we are promoting Nuffnang for free.

15 thoughts on “How many of you members are getting $$ on your site?

  1. I have stop serving Nuffnang ads for the time being due to the super low visitor traffic. (Maybe because I just shifted my blog somewhere else or my content just sucks.)

    The 2 months (or is it 3?) with Nuffnang I didn’t even earn a single cent from them. Maybe Nuffnang isn’t suitable for me at the moment.

  2. somehow, i think this nuffnang thing will fall apart very very soon… there is simply not enuff economic benefits from local marketing… sg and msia are sooo small a market…

    hope you get ur money soon…

  3. You only earn money when advertisers place ads on your blog. Nuffnang’s default ad not counted. So far there’s ads from Citibank, Nike, Hitchoo etc. You will received an email telling you got an incoming ad. That’s when you earn some moola. And yes, I got my paycheck already 🙂

  4. I agree with rotties that the economics is not there. I think the blogs are rotating around the same people, for now at least. Even Yahoo! does not place advertisements for publishers outside of US (stupid in my opinion and the reason why google is doing so much better than them).

    I have to say though that it is a brilliant strategy on the part of nuffnang to get their name out. But i wouldn’t use them- not only is their pool too small, they seem to only target tertiary students (look at the ads)- even smaller, and not a very affluent group at that.

  5. Hi Ignorantsoup,
    Personally I agree with your analysis on the feasibility of earning money from NuffNang’s ads. No one is really going to click on repeated NuffNang ads. Your best bets are still contextual ads from big players like Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher’s Network, Advertlets, Chitika, etc.

  6. Somehow I have a feeling that Nuffnang is more of serving itself with its own default ads signing up so many bloggers from those advertisements on other bloggers site, then to really generate profits for the bloggers that placed it in the first place.

    I have the Nuffnang ads for 2 months and my pagerank of the website is 4/10, alexa rank is around 300,000 and the ads on my blog are usually the default nuffnang. Strange leh.

  7. Hmm…. I’ve got a totally different experience.

    Money wise, what I get in nuffnang for a week, takes me about 3 weeks in google adsense. Except that nuffnang previously seemed to have problems getting ads. I’ve run it since may (when it started) and I’ve gotten 4 weeks worth of ads so far.

    To their credit though, I’m running ads for the entire month of august. So hopefully this means things are getting better.

  8. sad to say…nuffnang ads pay peanuts…so dun have much hopes 😛

    unless ur famous like sassyjan or some other bloggers who gets like hundreds of visitors in a day..

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for an insightful post. Hope that your Advertlets earnings are picking up, and we will try to match you with more earning opportunities soon.

    As you might have noticed, currently Advertlets is working out pretty well for Malaysian publishers:

    And, a few Singaporeans have already received cheques. However, we need a “critical mass” of bloggers to convince more advertisers to advertise on the network, and the more bloggers, the better.

    To make Advertlets work even better for Singapore by telling your friends about it, and make a little for yourself along the way, (from SGD25-SGD128), why not take part in the Advertlets Review program for Singapore?

    We look forward to your submissions, thanks!

  10. Dear ignorantsoup

    Thank you for your feedback!

    At Nuffnang, advertisers can choose to serve ads on the blogs that are signed up with us. Once the blogs are chosen, the bloggers are notified and they earn a stream of income by serving the advertisements on their blogs.

    Whether or not a blog is served ads depends on the advertiser’s budget and target audience, not the average number of clicks on the default ad unit.

    To date, Nuffnang has served advertisements on hundreds of local blogs, for Citibank, F&N, Nike,, Royal Flush Asia, Pandora’s Box and Love Edition.

    Please rest assured that the Nuffnang team is scouring ground for relevant advertisers for your blog.

    If you have any enquiries, you can drop me an email at huiwen[at]nuffnang[dot]com 🙂

    Huiwen of Nuffnang

  11. After Advertlets reply, Nuffnang chips in as well. This is getting interesting.

    After Huiwen explaination, I do think that Advertlets is more suitable for me at this point of time.

    Ignorantsoup, maybe Nuffnang is going to give you some ads in the coming weeks after this post. HaHa.

  12. I’ve got 5 ads from them so far and I’ve been on them for about 6 months? I get about 300 over unique hits a day… hope that gives you a ball park.

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