MRT irritants – Time for us to change?

How many of us give up out seats immediately when we see a pregnant lady coming in? Or an elderly man? This seat giving problem has always been in everyone’s mind. To give or not to give? I thought about this subject when I read Waikit’s blog.

There are many questions that come into one’s mind when you give up your seat. One of them is, “Do I have enough time to get to the needy person and give my seat to him/her, before another overly enthusiastic youth sprints and plants himself onto the seat as if superglue has been used on his/her ass?”

Since I’m on this subject, can I take some time to tell people that it is possible for a person to not see a pregnant lady? Well, today I just encountered this situation myself. A lady was blocking another pregnant lady so I did not notice her buldging belly. She boarded the mrt at City Hall. I only realized her presence when I’m halfway to Bugis. What should I do then? I just stood up since I’m about to alight anyway. Should I have went up to her and say “I’m sorry for not noticing you earlier but here’s your seat?” I don’t really know.

Since we all know that sometimes it is possible to overlook the person in front of you because you are in deep thought, then surely it is unfair for other MRT people to take your photo and send it to Stomp, accusing you of not letting the needy sit? Well I did not get Stomped of course, but I felt that this shaming has gone too far. I, for one, am always in my castle in the air in the mrt. Thus sometimes I will not notice. So don’t blame me for not noticing.

Another MRT irritant is the person who sports the latest handphone which allows you to play music loudly. This handphone is designed for people to enjoy the music together during gatherings, but it is abused to the point where SMRT has got free music playing in the trains. Well, some of us really do appreciate our peace and quiet time on the trains, and we don’t really like your brand of music. Unless of course you feel that since no one says anything means nothing is wrong, of which I will start playing some funeral music on the train.

The last MRT irritant is already mentioned in the above paragraphs. He or she is the one with the camera phone. The one who likes to take your photo and MMS it to Stomp, hoping to get some reward for the information. It is truly irritating for your picture to be taken in broad daylight without you knowing. It is more irritating to be labeled as something you are not.

2 thoughts on “MRT irritants – Time for us to change?

  1. Whatever it is, it is up to the onus of someone who is especially seated on the “elderly, disabled, needy person seat” to give up the seat when needed. It is also up to the onus of someone who knows that there is someone who needs the seat more than him/her (eg: boarding from the same station, standing beside the person, etc) rushing to an empty seat first and immediately falls asleep upon seating down. True, after a day’s work, we are all tired and need a little nap.
    But it boils down to who needs more of the “stability” a seat can offer: a tired person or a pregnant tired lady.

    As for those playing music without using earphones, I have 3 “ideas” about them. Either they are showoffs or they are just plain inconsiderate or just plain brainless.
    Just 2 cents worth…

  2. I agree with you about the part of not being able to see everyone on train rides. There’s been a few times when I only noticed a pregnant lady just as I was getting off, because she was blocked by the crowd. But of course, if I wasn’t getting off, I’d still stand up and offer my seat. It’s the right thing to do, isn’t it?

    As for those who might be ignorant when you stand up to reach for those who are more needy of a seat. Personally, I’d turn to the person on my left or right, and say, “Excuse me, would you mind holding this seat for me, I’d like to offer it to the elderly man/woman or pregnant lady standing over there. Thank you for your help.” 😛 Anyone who dares to take the seat afterwards should be ashamed of themselves.

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