Review to the Nuffnang Post

My previous Nuffnang post generated some comments, even from Advertlets themselves. Since they took some time to write a comment on my blog, I have decided to approve the comments even though there are some external links there. I guess Advertlets is quite a nice company. My only complaint is that my review for the S$8800 for 300 bloggers scheme took quite long to process. In fact,I haven’t got any replies from them. I just sent them an email, hopefully they will check it out and tell me why they took so long.

Well, the purpose of asking for comments on the previous post is to get people to voice out if they have been getting any money, and if they did, how many unique visitors do they have on average. Sadly most never did tell me the information I wanted. In fact, I had this person writing this:

# Anon Says:
August 18th, 2007 at 10:45 pm e

Perhaps nuffnang thinks your blog is not worthy enough. That is why you no get any ads. Poor guy.

Well Anon, the point is not whether nuffnang feels my blog is worthy or not. If you do understand proper English,you would have realized that I am trying to say that they do not have enough advertisers for so many members. Most of us ended up serving Nuffnang ads for free, promoting Nuffnang to the public for nothing.

I am merely trying to seek out details to understand the criteria that makes blog “worthy”, according to your choice of wording. Is it unique visitors? Is it click through rate? And if its click through rate, isn’t that inaccurate as no one will click Nuffnang’s ads twice?

I guess sometimes if people has nothing to say, they should not bother to comment. I thank the other readers for their time in giving me their comments. I do appreciate it very much.

2 thoughts on “Review to the Nuffnang Post

  1. Oh oops. haha. I get 400 unique visitors on average, ignoring any visit spikes.

    I believe other criteria would be how many singaporeans actually visit, as well as what age group people would visit your blog (obviously subjective) I doubt it’s click through rate. Like you said, I don’t forsee many people clicking on the nuffnang ads

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