Thank you Advertlets..

The day before I wrote an entry about Nuffnang and how it isn’t serving ads when it should be. Then i received a comment from Advertlets saying that I can use the S$8800 for 300 bloggers scheme to increase my earnings. However I had already contributed to this scheme a long time ago but I haven’t had any replies from them.

Thus I sent them an email yesterday asking them to check if my application has been processed.

It goes like this:


I signed up with Advertlets some time ago and I created a review based on a specifications listed out for $8800 for 300 bloggers scheme.

I would like to enquire whether my website has been reviewed?
The review on my blog is at

Thank you for your time.

Advertlets actually replied me 3 hours later:

Sorry for the delay processing your review. Your review has been approved, and your account credited.

However, appreciate if you can move our ad banner higher up your blog though? It’ll be better for our advertisers, and also translates to better earnings for you as well!


Advertlets Support

Wow. 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon. Advertlets is really fast at handling my concerns. Now that I’ve received such a prompt and quick response (and with 25 dollars more in my account), I feel so much inclined towards Advertlets than to Nuffnang.

Nuffnang, what are you doing? Lol.

3 thoughts on “Thank you Advertlets..

  1. hullo ignorant soup!

    i’m in charge of handling blogger relations and queries. i regret to admit that i wasn’t able to answer your queries because i was enjoying my weekend due to my hectic schedule during work days! >.

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