NUS mail in Microsoft Office Outlook

Comment: Someone has been searching nus mail for a long long time. May I know who this is? 😛

I have always wondered if I am able to configure my outlook so that I can access my NUS email and download the mail without needing to go to the web mail to access the mail. Thus I did some research and I managed to set up my Outlook.

The POP3 server is
The SMTP server is

It doesn’t require SPA.

When you click on settings, check that your outgoing server requires authentication, and use the same settings as the incoming mail server.

Then click advanced.

Incoming server is 995 and requires SSL. Outgoing server is 25 and I do not need SSL. The NUS site says need SSL, but when I enabled it, I can’t send my mail.

If you would like to leave a copy of the mail in your server, check leave a copy of messages on the server. However, this would mean that you would have to login occasionally to delete off the old mails.

Do remember that for the webmail, deleted items are merely sent to the deleted items folder. You still need to click delete to confirm. Just like the recycle bin.

2 thoughts on “NUS mail in Microsoft Office Outlook

  1. Hmm.. Are you talking about the webmail which is powered by Outlook? Well I agree that its fast, but I use firefox and it doesn’t render the page correctly like IE does. Its quite a pain to open IE to view the mail too. Plus if I download my mail to outlook, then I can view them without the need of connecting to the net! I guess there are advantages and disadvantages in both ways.

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