Rampant – Voyeurism – Seeing girls’s upskirts

Firstly, what is Voyuerism? A check with Dictionary.com shows this:

voy·eur (voi-yûr’) n.

1. A person who derives sexual gratification from observing the naked bodies or sexual acts of others, especially from a secret vantage point.
2. An obsessive observer of sordid or sensational subjects.

Recently in the news there has been many such evidences of voyeurism happening in Singapore. Yes, in our heartland, our island home, the place where we wanna be, we have voyuers. The love for voyeurism amongst the perverts of Singapore have been further fueled when camera phones have been introduced to the world. Especially so when the latest phone models come with 3.2megapixels for their camera!

Voyeurs have been caught putting their camera phones at their grocery basket, then intentionally knocking to their victims to flim the girl’s upskirts to see their panties. Some others have places cameras near the changing room, so they can take videos of people changing. The older versions include fliming the maid whilst she is showering.

Now, showing you the latest in upskirt pictures, the best thing so far, is making a website on girls upskirts. This Stomp article will tell you more.

Now, what can we do to curb these problems? Apart from submitting the sites to MDA and getting it blocked, what other drastic measures can we do?

I would like to introduce my version of curbing this problem. Let us set up another websites with free photos of girls upskirts.

Before anyone starts to flame me by saying whats the difference between this site and the voyeur’s, let me say that no girls will be involved in this production. We will have many photos of “girls” and we will attract many different perverts to come and see. We will hook them for a couple of months, maybe a year or so. We will make them addicted. We will make them so addicted that they will pay to have more,and then after a long period of time,we will show them that what they have been seeing are Changi’s chicken.

Maybe after that they will be so sick of themselves that no such sites will come up again. Lol.

Impractical? Yeah but I’ll love to see their faces if this really happens. What do you think?

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