JB Carjack results in slashed Singaporean

How many of you people are going to Johor Bahru again and again, even though there seems to be an increasing trend of crimes happening against Singaporeans? Over the past few months, our newspapers have carried plenty of interesting news on the JB crime scene.

The situation had become so bad that the Johor Police Chief once admitted that there isn’t enough policemen on the streets. Is it because of that? Or is it due to rampant corruption amongst junior officers? We will never know.

What we do know is that a fellow Singaporean has just been attacked and slashed right next to a police post. Yes, the robbers have become so brazen, attacking people in broad daylight next to a police post. The robbers took a parang and aimed at the man who blocked with his hands. His hands were slashed. Then,the robbers took the car and went away.

All these just to rob a car. I guess it would be nicer to just pull the guy out, put the parang at his throat and take the car? Why harm him and incur him his operation costs?

Other than being car jacked, our favourite neighbour has done many wonderful things to our citizens.

Famous stories include:

  1. If you do not give me money, I will poke you with a syringe full of HIV infected blood
  2. Only have 50cent in your pocket? And you call yourself a Singaporean?

The next one really makes me pissed off. Within a week, there are 2 cases of couples held hostage whilst the robbers gang rape the female in front of the male. Seriously. If you want to rob, rob by all means. Why rape someone? If it was up to me I will make sure every rapist caught will emerge from their jail term with an asshole so big that farting cleans their ass.

Johor is so dangerous now, with crime rates increasing. The police doesn’t seem to be helping much either. Why then, are we contributing to their economy? Fueling their economy and their black markets (the robbers) as well. It makes me mad when they single out Singaporeans to rob.

Perhaps we should just not go there and risk getting ourselves embroiled in more crime related work? Crime does not pay in Singapore, but it pays in Johor. It does not pay to be in Johor involved in a crime.

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