Man eating food on train.. Yada yada yada

How many times has the title “man eating [insert food name here] on train” been flashed across your computer screen when you visit Stomp? This time, the title is Waffle Time on Train. However, the gist is still the same.

So what have I learnt after stumbling upon numerous such posts by stompers all year long? That people in Singapore eat on the trains and they do not care less. Even if there are many people who got shamed, they still do not care. Thus, what is the point in sending such pictures to Stomp?

The cost of sending such pictures to stomp includes battery life and the 80 cents you take to send that MMS. Is it worth it? Does Stomp give you any prize for your effort? No. In fact, all you get is flamings by stompers asking you, “why did you not approach the boy and tell him off?” Is it really worth it then?

My opinion is that its not worth it. This thing is an education issue. It is about their morals and it has to be taught from parent to child, from teacher to child, and from peer to peer. It does not help and will not help by taking photos to shame them on Stomp. In fact, they arn’t really shamed. Unless their peers see the post, it is very likely that they get away with what they have done. Even if their peers saw the post, will their peers mock them? Will they make him feel embarrassed and regretful towards his actions?

The answer, I believe, is no.

The key to solving this problem is through our schools and families. Stomp is not a solution. Thus, please stop sending such photos to stomp because they do not work effectively. You are only helping stomp get visits and they earn money when many visitors come to their site.

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