Indecent act in broad daylight?

Well lately, our MWH (Men with handphones) have been busy at work generating camera shots of people doing the wrong things. Whether it its wrong or not, we do not know, but we do know that our MWH are judging them based on their own judgement. One of it is this.

I do not know if that it is morally right to send this photo to Stomp. I do not know what the person experienced or saw in reality. I guess the person must have been courageous to go up and take a photo whilst the man is playing with his dick. However I do feel thankful that the person’s face can’t be seen.

This is to give the person a benefit of the doubt. He may not be playing with his dick. In fact, all he may be doing is scratching his balls, and if someone identifies him from a photo for something he did not do, I guess it would be horrendous. It is also tasteless to send such a photo. Is the person trying to get that guy into trouble? In fact I believe that the proper way would be to call the police to handle him for indecent exposure. Let the police handle it.

I guess next time someone will send a photo to stomp about a robbery and not call the police.. The day that happens, we’re screwed.

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