What Nuffnang can do about its advertisement space…

After the post that I wrote on Nuffnang and Advertlets, with Advertlets being the “winner” of the two because of its fast response time and that it actually serves real ads. Nuffnang, on the other hand, serves ads that help promote Nuffnang. In the 1 month – 2 month period that I put up their ads, they have not given any other ads.

Now, this is what I propose Nuffnang can do with all the advertisement space. There are many Nuffnang members in Singapore, and most of them are showing default Nuffnang ads. Any online person who reads blogs would have at least seen the ad once. It makes no sense for them to be repeatedly exposed to such ads because the probability that they will click the ad another time is not 75%, not 50%, its 0.01%.

As such,would it be better to show another kind of advertisements while they are at it? They can show this special advertisement 50% of the time and people would like to put up Nuffnang ads. How then?

Well I’m sure most of you have heard of Crime Library. Crime Library Singapore is an organization that helps put up missing person’s advertisements online, on bus stops, in MRT stations and recently even on Stomp. They have helped many people find their missing relatives and they have been doing a wonderful job, considering that they are all volunteers. Now, if Nuffnang can be public-spirited and show ads that display the missing person’s photo and particulars, people will be more aware of them and there is a greater chance that they could be found. Wouldn’t it be good?

No to mention that this gives Nuffnang points in the blogger’s arena. Imagine being seen as a charitable company. This would also give us all an incentive to serve Nuffnang advertisements and not complain at all when we do not get any money. Isn’t this great?

Now all I can do is just blog about this. If Advertlets sees this and implements it before Nuffnang, then I guess I’m really sorry. I tried to improve Nuffnang’s image.

Guys, if you have an idea to share, why not blog about this too? Use the same title and blog about it!

6 thoughts on “What Nuffnang can do about its advertisement space…

  1. I agree totally. Public service ads are the way to go. Even Google’s Adsense program does this. I think Nuffnang can put in tips about local stuff as well … whatever they may be, its better than just seeing Nuffnang ads about themselves. Another Nuffnang like creature is Traffic Digger. Totally useless. Adbrite has problems servicing Asia because most of their clients are US- so you get a stupid Adbrite ad too. Have removed both.

    Interesting to see what Advertlet will do in response to this … they seem to move a lot quicker than Nuffnang.


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  3. Thanks for the suggestions!

    You may have noticed that recently, in our remnant ad space we are serving philanthropic and social cause ads for http://www.ilove.sg (an initiative to generate appreciation for the Singaporean arts scene – for music,movies and more), as well as the other ad we have been running for yvonnefoong.com (Yvonne Foong is a Neurofibromatosis Type 2 patient that needs help to raise funds).

    And in Malaysia, we’re running ads for http://www.Merdeka.com, a website dedicated to online celebration of Malaysia’s 50th Anniversary. We will take your suggestion for consideration, however, in the meantime, if you know any other charities, organizations or causes that might benefit from our traffic, let us know and we will consider. Thanks.

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