Comments are sometimes deleted or marked as spam..

I just wanted to say that sometimes I will delete comments if they seem to be offensive. Sometimes maybe the comments are marked as spam by Akismet Spam Plugin.

I would like to talk about the Nuffnang post I wrote earlier on suggestions for Nuffnang to take up. I received a comment that says if I do not like the ad, I can minimize it, and it provided 2 links to show that you can do it and nuffnang malaysia has already done it.

I have deleted that comment (it got marked as a spam too) because I felt that I wasn’t trying to say that I absolutely detest Nuffnang ads. I do know you can minimize it, but all I am trying to say is that Nuffnang can also show public service ads which benefits the public. Comments should be about whether my suggestion is feasible or not, whether it is good or not. The post is not able whether I can minimize the ad or not.

I’m sorry if anyone is offended when i delete your comments, but I feel that comments should be constructive and beneficial to discussion. Thanks so much for your kind understanding.

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