GV Movie Club – $6.50 tickets – Free registration!

GV passed me a phamplet yesterday after I bought tickets from them at Plaza Singapura. After reading the phamplet, I went ahead to GV’s website to know more about the Movie Club and its benefits.

Basically, these are the benefits that I tempted me to join this movie club, and if you would like to know more about the movie club, you can check out GV’s website.

$6.50 movie tickets on Tuesday
Well I know that the usual ticket prices on tuesday is $7.00, but now I can save at least a dollar every time I go to the cinema with my girlfriend!

Buy 1 Get 1 Free movie tickets on my birthday
On my birthday, I can treat my girlfriend to a movie and I only pay for my own ticket! I will save $6.50 at a minimum!

Members Monthly Draw
I can now win free movie tickets each month if they pick me from the list! All I need to do is to visit GV cinemas!

Other benefits include priority seat selection online, invitations to gala premiers, free coke when you get pop corn, as well as free sms confirmation when you book tickets online! They do not really appeal to me much,but maybe it will to you! Why not check out GV’s website to know more?

And the best thing is, registration is FREE.

Register at GV now!

P.S. GV also has student promotions. $6 dollar movie tickets. Terms and Conditions apply.

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