Advertlets responded faster…Again..

Well the last time I wrote about what nuffnang could do for its advertisement space, I sort of wrote at the end that Nuffnang has to be fast, else Advertlets would have implemented it before them.

Someone posted a comment on my blog that showed Nuffnang Malaysia’s blog post. You can view it here. Apparently Nuffnang Malaysia is serving charity ads. However this does not yet apply to Nuffnang Singapore.

However Advertlets responded faster again by posting a comment on my blog. For its hard work and speed, I shall credit them by posting their comments here as a form of advertising for them.

You may have noticed that recently, in our remnant ad space we are serving philanthropic and social cause ads for (an initiative to generate appreciation for the Singaporean arts scene – for music,movies and more), as well as the other ad we have been running for (Yvonne Foong is a Neurofibromatosis Type 2 patient that needs help to raise funds).

And in Malaysia, we’re running ads for, a website dedicated to online celebration of Malaysia’s 50th Anniversary. We will take your suggestion for consideration, however, in the meantime, if you know any other charities, organizations or causes that might benefit from our traffic, let us know and we will consider. Thanks.

See? Actually Advertlets has already been doing charitable things even before I suggested that idea to Nuffnang!

Another suggestion to Nuffnang though; you can search for Nuffnang in and get all the feedback from bloggers! In that way,perhaps you can respond faster too! You have lots to improve Nuffnang!

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