Manhattan Fish Market Versus Fish and Co

I’ve been going to Fish and Co for meals occasionally because everyone seems to like to go to Fish and Co for gatherings. But has anyone actually tried the Manhattan Fish Market? There are only 2 outlets I know of, one in Plaza Singapura and one at Eu Tong Sen Street. Fish and Co, on the other hand, has many outlets, which I believe are franchises?

I went to the Fish and Co at Suntec City last June and I tried the Manhattan Fish Market today at Plaza Singapura. I compared the two outlets and the result is that I prefer the Manhattan Fish Market. The reason is simple. The service is great. The food is also good.

I ordered the Flaming Platter for one, which comes with fish, rice, chips and 3 flaming prawns. I believe this is the rival of Fish and Co’s seafood platter for one. If I were to talk about the food, I would prefer the flaming prawns from Manhattan as they simply blow my mind away with their superb sauce which is burnt right in front of you.

When I arrived at the door of Manhattan Fish Market, there was a couple right in front of us. They were still looking at the menu and deciding whether to enter. When the waitress serving them saw us, she led us straight in when I informed her I wanted a table for two. When I was at the Fish and Co, the waiter took his time to talk and chit chat with the group of people in front of me who hasn’t even decided whether to dine there, nor did they settle on the number of people who is going to dine there. No one came to serve us even when we were ready to enter. Winner: Manhattan Fish Market

When I went inside the Manhattan Fish Market, the waitress promptly informed me of the soup of the day and past me my menu. When I was ready to order, all I did was turn my head and the waitress asked if I was ready to order. At Fish and Co last June, I had to wait for a waiter to decide to come to my area before I could order. Winner: Manhattan Fish Market

For food arrival time, Manhattan Fish Market was fast in delivering their food to my table. Fish and Co took a longer time. Since this is subjective to the crowd at the moment, I will not and cannot decide the winner for this category.

At Manhattan Fish Market, my glass of iced water wasn’t even emptied before a smiling waiter came to fill my glass up again. At Fish and Co, my glass was empty and I had to wait for about 15 minutes before someone walked past me for me to get his attention to my empty glass. Water is extremely important especially when you are enjoying your food. Winner: Manhattan Fish Market

The servers for Manhattan Fish Market came to clear my plates promptly after I finished the food. They even asked me how I found their food and whether I am willing to fill up a feedback form, which I happily did. Fish and Co took their sweet time to clear my plates. Winner: Manhattan Fish Market

The bill for Manhattan Fish Market came fast. Fish and Co didn’t take too long either. (I guess its the money) Winner: None

The bill came with an accompanying sweet. Manhattan Fish Market had 2 flavours, one mint and one honey. Fish and Co’s came with their superb mint sweets. Winner: Tie since both sweets were effectively good

It is no surprise that Manhattan Fish Market won the comparison. They had more staff and their staff are more attentive to customer’s needs. They need no reminder to know that the customer’s glass is going to be empty and they need no prompting to be right there when you need them. Their food is also comparable, if not better, than Fish and Co’s. Their staff wore smiles throughout and even asked for comments on their food with a smiling face.

I had a wonderful experience at Manhattan Fish Market, and a totally unpleasant one at Fish and Co. You can be sure that I will not be patronizing Fish and Co anymore. Manhattan Fish Market won my heart and soul by their excellent service and great food. If you like Fish and Co, you may want to try Manhattan Fish Market. Feel their better service today!

5 thoughts on “Manhattan Fish Market Versus Fish and Co

  1. i preferred the food at manhattan fish market, for most of the times i went. that said, i stil am a big fan of fish & co, despite the horrible service (esp at glass house). manhattan’s food was prepared better. but i really liked the raisin butter rice in the seafood platter for two, at fish & co’s.

    and yes, i agree. the prawns are really good! πŸ™‚

  2. manhattan like a bit more exp. that’s what i think lah. only went there once.

    and yea, cost aside the overall feeling is better than my fish and co experiences so far.

  3. haha..well i do prefer the rice at Manhattan, guess it depends on each individual.

    Well I think the price is around the same. If I did not remember wrongly, the Seafood platter is sold for about 17 at fish and co,and its equivalence the Flaming platter is also sold for about 17 at Manhattan.

    That said, has anyone noticed that Advertlets is serving Manhattan’s Ads? Lol…

  4. Thank you for your support towards us! The Manhattan Fish Market currently has 25 outlets throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Bangkok: 22 outlets in Malaysia, 2 outlets in Singapore and 1 in Thailand. We have also just introduced an array of new fishes into our menu. Please do come visit us again and we look forward to delighting your taste buds again!

    -Sebastian, Assistance Operations Coach-

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