My 2nd Nuffnang suggestion..

I’ve got another suggestions for Nuffnang and I doubt they will ever implement it since it doesn’t give them any money plus its not a charity thing like the last post I wrote.

This suggestion is for the ad agencies to do their part to support our local entrepreneurs who are doing online work. There are quite a few budding entrepreneurs who are starting their online marketing journey and we need to support them! Some entrepreneurs do not have much money. After they put down money for a domain name and a web host, they do not have sufficient money to keep advertising.

If Nuffnang is willing, they can create a little program that allows us to opt in for this scheme to show entrepreneurs’ advertisements. This will only kick in if and only if we do not have a current advertiser. Instead of showing the default Nuffnang ads, why not allow us to choose if we want to accept advertisement for budding entrepreneurs?

Nuffnang can set some restrictions. For example, the entrepreneur’s site must not have more than 200 unique page views a day, and that it must contribute to society in some way.

This way, everyone wins. We get to support our local entrepreneurs and they get traffic from us. It’s a win-win situation. I, for one, will be willing to opt in for this scheme. This is because I have a site myself (not this blog) that I am currently creating. I know I do not have the budget as a student to advertise widely. Even if Nuffnang displays an entrepreneur’s ad one time out of a thousand, it will help. This is because there are many bloggers on the Nuffnang network!

Nuffnang, what are you waiting for? Maybe Advertlets will now comment faster to say that they are already doing it, just like the charitable ads they have already been serving in SINGAPORE!

On another note, as my blog goes to version 5, I will be including this little text link space at the end of each of my posts. This text link will rotate, meaning to say that if there are 10 text links there, then everytime a user loads the page, there is a 1/10th chance your link will be up here! If you are a budding entrepreneur whose web-based project is going to help the community, why not give me a comment? I will be willing to add your link in exchange for mine. Everyone wins right?

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